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Summit Pump continues to grow and improve our services. Engineering This year, Summit Pump expanded our engineering department adding more seats for mechanical designers and engineers. With the new product lines, the demand for more mechanical designers and engineers was a must to keep up with production. The addition of office space assists our employees

Welcome to the new and much improved Summit Pump, Inc. website. This new design and resource was created with our distributors and end users best interests kept in the forefront. Here you can access all of our brochures and manuals, review our most popular product lines, find your nearest distributor or email Summit Pump, Inc. directly.

Summit Pump, Inc. is proud to announce that we’ve expanded! This new building adds 16,600 square feet to our existing facility. The expansion was designed to accommodate the growing demand for our new products and incorporates an in-house manufacturing area and increased warehousing space.   This expansion will allow us to take advantage of new

There have been numerous questions asking the differences of impellers and casings when there is an “H” or “G” following the pump size. For example: 3×4-10 and 3×4-10H 3×4-8 and  3×4-8G 4×6-10, 4×6-10H and 4×6-10G 8×10-15 and 8×10-15G What do these letters indicate? The letters specifically by themselves don’t explain anything to you, except that