Summit Pump continues to grow and improve our services.


This year, Summit Pump expanded our engineering department adding more seats for mechanical designers and engineers.

With the new product lines, the demand for more mechanical designers and engineers was a must to keep up with production. The addition of office space assists our employees which increases organization and productivity, improving our customer’s experience. 

Engineering Office; Summit Pump; Mechanical Designers

Engineering Office; Summit Pump; Mechanical Designers


Quality Control

With this addition, it allowed the quality control area to increase their square footage by 180% . We are proud of our high quality pump products and excited to continue to grow the inspection department.

Quality Control; Summit Pump; Inspection

The new space gives our quality control members the staging area needed to keep parts at a controlled temperature for accurate measurements with a clean and well organized area for measuring devices.

The new expansion supports our quality control professionals to keep to the high standards we put into our pumps and parts everyday!

Giving you the Best Value by “providing quality pump products in a timely manner, at a fair market price.” Summit Pump