Welcome to the new and much improved Summit Pump, Inc. website. This new design and resource was created with our distributors and end users best interests kept in the forefront. Here you can access all of our brochures and manuals, review our most popular product lines, find your nearest distributor or email Summit Pump, Inc. directly.

There is a special link to Jim Elsey’s, General Manager to Summit Pump, Inc., published articles in each monthly edition of Pumps & Systems. Here you can educate your pump team and yourself with Elsey’s vast and interesting knowledge of the pump industry.

New with the website is something called “Pump Tips”. This is a news blog where you can find answers to most FAQs, collect information you may not have known about pumps, seals, hydraulics, motors and anything related to the above. We strive and take pride in educating our distributors and end users to ensure they operate at max efficiency as well as operating in a safe environment.

In Company News, you will be informed about what is happening here at Summit Pump, Inc. Most recently, our warehouse expansion to support the demand for the newly released SPPC (Summit Pump Progressive Cavity) products.

For our authorized distributors, you can access our most recent price books and access to “Summit Select“, our pump selection program to simplify your performance needs. For the price books, you will receive your user name and password from Summit Pump, Inc. If you need assistance with this click here to contact us with your first and last name, company name, email address, and username you would like to use. We will create a password for you but if you would like you have the ability to change your password.

For “Summit Select”, you will need a username and password, if you do not have one already. To obtain access click here to contact Summit Pump, Inc. engineering department.


Enjoy the new resource, we look forward to providing you and your company the high end service and products you deserve!