ANSI 2196 Sight Glass

Summit Pump - February 1, 2018


ANSI 2196 Sight Glass Location  

We have recently had a field incident with one of our ANSI pumps; the customer required the oil sight glass to be moved to the opposite side of the pump due to a limited sight issue created by obstructions on the right side. Without consulting the distributor or Summit Pump, they removed the sight glass from the right side of the pump and installed it on the left side. They did this by removing an existing plug. 

The pump subsequently failed. What did they do wrong? The plug on the left side of the pump is for the oil cooler option and was in this case two (2) inches lower than the proper sight glass height. The oil level was now well below the bottom of the bearings, causing them to fail due to a lack of lubrication.

If you need the sight glass on the left side of the pump, we need to drill and tap the penetration at the proper location. See engineering for assistance. 

One more thing… 

Pumps, shaft kits and rotors in storage should be rotated by hand at least once a quarter to mitigate the effects of false brinelling. Ball bearings not in service, even when the rotor is simply sitting on the shelf in the storeroom, can be subject to false brinelling.

- The Summit Pump Team

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