Hot Time

Summit Pump - March 1, 2018

Hot Time

Stuck Impeller Never use heat to remove the impeller for an ANSI pump. Fluid could be trapped in the thread cavity. If that fluid heats to its vapor point you risk an explosion. Pieces of the impeller can cause damage to the surrounding area and more importantly, injury to personnel. Not to mention an expensive impeller is now rendered useless. 

If all other methods of impeller removal have failed and you remain compelled to use heat as a method, drill a relief hole in the very center of the impeller first. If the impeller remains otherwise undamaged in the process, the relief hole can easily be repaired by a spot weld or other acceptable methods (depending on material and service).


Rubber Liners & Impellers 

Speaking of heat 

If you can’t stand the heat… Most rubber-lined slurry pumps use natural rubber for the lining and therefore, most manufacturers limit the maximum temperature for those pumps to 150 degrees F (65 degrees C). At Summit we insist on 145 degrees F (62 degrees C). Note: other materials may have higher temperature allowances. 

Rubber coated impellers are limited by tip speed to prevent the coating from coming off. Most manufacturers limit the tip speed to around 90 feet per second (28 Meters per second), which is why rubber coated impellers are limited to approximately 150 feet (45 meters) of head.

- The Summit Pump Team

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