Water in the Lube Oil

Summit Pump - March 8, 2018


Water in the lube oil    

We keep advising pump owners to keep the water out of their lubricating oil and of course, that is not always the case. A customer recently told me he had no water in his oil because he could “see that the oil was NOT cloudy”. I pointed out to him that water in oil is not visible to the naked eye until water levels approach 1000 PPM. 

Please be aware that just 250 PPM water will cut the bearing life by a factor of four (4). The L-10 life of a standard ball bearing will be reduced from 100% down to 20% if the water level is just 1000 PPM.


Can't stand the pressure?  

The maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) for any pump is the suction pressure and the pump differential pressure added together. 

Recently, we had three different RFQ’s where the suction pressure alone approached 400 PSI. In these cases, even with 300 lb. flanges and at ambient temperature, you are already exceeding the limit by 25 PSI (limit for 300 PSI flanges is 375 PSI). If you need the flange rating charts please request from engineering. There is one for 150 PSI and a separate one for 300 PSI flanges. Note flange ratings change with material and temperature.


- The Summit Pump Team

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