Shaft Limits

Summit Pump - March 22, 2018


Shaft Limits 

All pumps have a limit as to how much power can be applied before they fail. The limit is defined by using a shaft horsepower limit, which is published in the pump’s IOM Manual. These shaft horsepower limits are based on constant torque formulas.  Electric motors provide constant torque, whereas gas or diesel engines provide intermittent torque

When ANSI pumps are directly driven by a gas or diesel engine, the pump shaft horsepower limits must be decreased, due to the added impact from the intermittent torque. This derating applies to majority of pumps, not just Summit Pump.

  • If the pump speed is below 1,100 RPM then reduce the horsepower limit by multiplying it by 0.6
  • If the pump speed is above 1,100 RPM then reduce the horsepower limit by multiplying it by 0.8

While we are on the subject, please remember that if your Summit SN pump is engine driven, you must use a solid shaft, with the spacer. Do not use the shaft sleeve option!

Foreign Manuals 

¿Cómo se dice en español? 

Comment avez-vous dire en français?  

Also be aware that we now publish our model 2196 IOM Manual in Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese, which are all available for download on our website. If you require another language, please contact the factory in Green Bay.

- The Summit Pump Team

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