Shaft Alignments

Summit Pump - April 5, 2018


Shaft Alignments 

We all know that proper and precise coupling alignments between the pump and driver are critical. Did you know that the bearing load increases in direct proportion with the misalignment? Even more importantly, the bearing lifedecreases by the cube of the bearing load increase.


For example, if the bearing load increases due to misalignment by a factor of two, then the bearing life decreases by a factor of eight. Just another good reason to do precision alignments.   

Setting the Mechanical Seal 

For model 2196, the impeller clearance must be set to the casing before you set the mechanical seal. The reason being, the rotating and stationary components will lose their setting if the shaft moves axially. Setting the impeller clearance moves the shaft axially.


Also, don’t forget to remove the clips after the seal is set but before operating the pump. If these clips are left on it could damage the seal and score the shaft or sleeve.  

- The Summit Pump Team

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