Overhung Impellers with Solids

Summit Pump - April 26, 2018


Overhung Impellers with Solids: 

When handling solids or trash in the fluid stream, you will experience less clogging issues if using an overhung pump such as our model SN, 2175, 2196 or 2196R versus using a design that incorporates the shaft through the impeller.

With a horizontal split case dual suction pump, with impeller between the bearings (like our model DSN or DSR pumps), there is a much higher chance for trash, solids and debris to clog the pump. In these style centrifugal pumps, the shaft interferes with the eye of the impeller creating less area for solids to pass. No matter the pump style, always check the pump’s solids handling capabilities (max sphere size).


In a study conducted by Mobil Exxon about maintenance related accidents; they found accidents are five times more likely to occur while working on an unscheduled breakdown, versus when working routine maintenance. Working in the field around operating pumps is not a tour at Disney World… you are responsible for your own safety!  

- The Summit Pump Team


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