Thanksgiving with the Pumps. What is Your Pump Grateful For?

Summit Pump - November 19

Thanksgiving…At this time of year in America we purposefully pause and offer thanks for all we have. Suppose for a minute that in a fictional and make-believe universe you were a pump; what would you give thanks for? We share some ideas. 

This Pump is Grateful For...
  • A balanced impeller, precise shaft alignment, robust foundation and solidly grouted baseplate so that vibrations and stresses can be properly transmitted to the earth. I operate smoothly with my oil level “level”.
  • Properly set clearances, so I can be efficient and stay on the published performance curve. The Efficiency Police and the Electric Bill will also send a separate Thank You card.
  • The proper diameter suction piping and the unobstructed 5 to 10 diameter length rule, so that I am not getting pelted with high velocity fluid. Suction flow is balanced, laminar and equally loaded to my impeller.
  • Controlled rate of temperature change to reduce thermal shock and related issues with different rates of expansion and contraction with my parts. We’re not getting any younger you know!
  • Proper materials/metallurgy so the acids and corrosives don’t eat away at my casing and impeller.
  • The correct operating speed so that the suspended solids don’t erode my parts 8 times faster than normal.
  • Operating in the allowable operating range near the best efficiency point so that my arch enemy Radial Thrust and his evil twin stepbrother Shaft Deflection do not upset my performance and reliability. The mechanical seal and the bearings texted and stated they are also grateful.
  • The absence of pipe strain so that my bearing centerlines are congruent and the bearing geometry remains in the original round shape in lieu of eccentric. My brother, the coupling, also gives thanks.
  • Adequate NPSHA so there is no cavitation damage to the impeller and mechanical shock to the bearings and seals. Thanks for reducing air entrainment in the pumped liquid so my impeller eye doesn’t get blocked and blinded by air bubbles.
  • Our neighbor the electric induction motor also sends thanks for remembering to compensate for the liquid’s Specific Gravity in the horsepower calculation. She states that it makes her life much less stressful. Do make a mental note that her two tenants, Volts and Amps are still resisting to pay the power invoice, in case you run into them over at Ohm’s Law office.
Now for some 'PUMP KIN' pie! Happy Thanksgiving,

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